Bringing My Diversified Designing Experience To Homeowners and Businesses In Connecticut

Transforming your living or working space to fit your needs and lifestyle

Irene Samson

"I have had a passion for remodeling homes ever since I can remember. As a child, one of my favorite games was drawing floor plans on graph paper to create dream homes for my dolls. I would draw out where to place the bed, dresser, and furniture. In a way, I was designing homes before I even knew of the career.

My parents traveled a lot and I was exposed to different cultures and life styles. We lived in Europe, Africa, and the Far East. I graduated from the Moscow State University of International Relations in Russia with a degree in economics and foreign relations. I worked as a professor of foreign language in College while remodeling homes and apartments for friends at leisure. My reputation as a designer spread through word of mouth and at some point I realized that I wanted to do design fulltime. I went back to College to earn my degree in architectural design at the Moscow University of Culture where I received 6 years of formal training in architectural design and construction. My business was based mostly on referrals; my reputation grew by word of mouth, and I never had to advertise. My customers appreciated my willingness to listen with an open mind and flexible approach.

After relocating to the United States in 2004, my husband Gene and I started our remodeling business in Manchester, CT. I brought the valuable insights regarding the remodeling business that I learned while in Russia to our Connecticut business. We now perform our business doing design and home remodels for various lifestyle preferences and budgets with the same open mind and flexible approach. Our beginning jobs enabled us to become skilled at solving problems with room flow, structure issues, and layouts. We view design snags as opportunities to enhance the remodeled space to satisfy client visions while maximizing their remodeling dollars."

Irene Samson, Owner

Turning your Dreams Into Reality - All For a Fair Price!

You shouldn't have to adjust your life style to your house. The house needs to be adjusted to you!

Unlike most Architects, being a fully fledged Designer, I will give you more than 2-3 design options, and a personal touch. I provide my customers with:

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  • A more reasonable and fair price.
  • Multiple design options and solutions.
  • Floor plans and technical drawings.
  • 3D illustrations to help you visualize your future space.

I’m passionate about making people happy and proud of their home. If there is a problem, there is always a solution.

I have worked with kitchen remodeling, home additions, bathroom remodeling, finish basements and other projects. A big part of what I do is solve problems. Maybe your hallway is too narrow, or you need more storage? Or maybe you have a room that is too dark, or your kitchen is not functional? I will help you resolve those issues.

Listening To Your Design And Remodeling Needs

I think the most important thing is meeting your tastes and needs.

I will work closely with you. A Designer is not just a professional you hire to get your project done. A Designer is somebody you can trust and talk to easily. This is a key to success.

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I get deeply involved in all my projects. The more I know you and your vision, the better I understand your needs. This is why, before we meet, I will have you fill out a questionnaire.

You will need to gather all your thoughts about the project. It can be a wish list, hate list, objectives, or description of lifestyle and activities. Are you remodeling your basement to entertain friends? Or is your new addition a place for in-laws to stay when they come visit? I need to know your interests, tastes, you can also provide me with any clippings from magazines that you like, and show me what kind of furniture you have or plan to have in the new area.

I hope you learned a little more about how I can help you bring your designing dreams to life. If you are ready to take the next step, you may request a free 30 min consultation in my office in Manchester, CT and I will then ask you to provide me with more information about your project.

Sharing The Same Vision

Everyone must have the same vision of the future project. Misunderstandings can cause costly problems. This is why I create 3D illustrations to show the project from various viewpoints. Most remodelers will not provide a homeowner with this level of service. Your happiness is my number one priority, and being crystal clear about the project is part of that happiness because it gives you a peace of mind.

We will make you happy

I will convert the ideas you like into construction plans that the contractor can understand. This is why having 3D illustrations and plans gives everyone a clear picture of what the final project will look like, and eliminates problems before they happen.

I will continue to provide my assistance throughout the remodeling process.

Areas Of Expertise

In addition to remodeling residential homes, I am experienced in various types of commercial projects.

During the last five years I have had a big impact remodeling senior living communities in Connecticut.

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