Our Unique Approach

5 Step Approach

3D Models

In-Depth Discussion
Irene Samson

1. In-Depth Discussion:

Our meeting begins with a discussion of what you are trying to accomplish. Since there is likely more than one way to achieve your objectives, we will present some ideas that you may not have considered or that may be unknown to you. We want to provide you with a design that surpasses your expectations. In addition, we work to increase the value of your property beyond the amount of your investment in the project. We want you to be really happy with the end result.

Sketches Individual Concepts
Irene Samson

2. Individual Designs:

Every project should be unique to reflect your personality, your life style, and your needs and wishes. This is what makes a house a home. We have found that offering options leads to discussing other ideas. By reviewing the various alternatives, we can develop a concept that is as close to your ideal as possible.

Irene Samson

3. The Illustrations:

We think it is extremely important for you to actually see how your project will look before construction begins. It not only gives you peace of mind, but helps to avoid misunderstanding and confusion, which can cause costly errors and change orders. Most people need more than floor plans and layouts of furniture to visualize how the project will look. This is why we provide 3-dimensional drawings as well.

Work Closely With The Contractors
Irene Samson

4. Work With Contractor:

Our plans enable the contractor to have a clear picture of the project from the beginning. We provide construction plans showing demolition and erection of new walls and structures. Special plans are available for electricians and plumbers. Plans are based on exact layouts of furniture. Pproper planning ensure that the project runs smoothly. We monitor construction at various stages to ensure excellent quality and integrity of design.

Control Costs and Maintain Quality
Irene Samson

5. Control Costs And Maintain Quality:

Throughout the process we will discuss the various materials, furniture and appliances. Our suppliers are constantly updating us on what is new in the marketplace. Having information allows you to evaluate the various products and costs before choosing what is best for you. We will work hard to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining quality.